FITS Resource Hub

FITS Resource Hub

The Virtual Tech Summit was phenomenal! Amazing content that will add profit to your business, make life easier and reduce your business stress allowing you to sleep better.

You can get access to the recordings of every virtual session from the 2020 and 2021 events plus the 36 sessions from 2022 for just AUD165! There is over 60 hours of education that covers topics from:
- Marketing
- Sales
- Loyalty programs
- Member acquisition and retention
- Staff Management
- Future predictions
- Legal considerations
- Privacy and cyber security
- Industry Updates
- Paid advertising options
- Maximising social presence

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FITS Resource Hub
  • The Future of Fitness

    Our industry is evolving, and at an incredible pace, as it adapts to new technology possibilities and increasing consumer expectations. In this talk, Olivia will guide you through the trends that will affect your business, clearly identifying those you can adopt, to ensure you are positioned to t...

  • Behavior Change (or Not) in 2022

    The world has seen more change in the last year than it has in the last decade, making it particularly difficult to predict how humans will behave - and make decisions - in our new reality.

    In truth, we are nowhere near the rational, pragmatic decision-makers we’d like to think we are. Instead, ...

  • AUSactive Industry Update

    Barrie brings over 20 years of CEO experience in successful organisational change, strategic development, and business growth across a range of sectors such as Education, Health, and Community Services.

    You’ll regularly hear Barrie talking about his passions and experiences including surfing, Tr...

  • IHRSA Industry Update

  • ExerciseNZ Industry Update

  • ARV (Aquatics & Recreation) Industry Update

  • How to Create Branded Content Using Canva

  • Member Trends – Post Lockdowns; There’s Growth Out There!

  • How Data and Tech Have Empowered a Paradigm Shift

    In 2019 ActiveXchange teamed up with KPMG to connect facility data and translate this activity into $ monetary values against specific health, education and productivity indicators. Aligning best practice international research, and model principles that have been published by federal governments...

  • What Your Business Misses When You Don't Use Tech to Personalise

    Did you know that tomatoes can increase the risk of skin cancer for some? That spinach can make some people more likely to develop kidney stones? That HIIT sessions at 5am can halt weight loss? That challenging someone to a 4 week goal can demotivate them…but for other people, all of these things...

  • What Web 3.0 Means for the Fitness Industry

    In this presentation you will learn:
    • What is Web 3.0 ?
    • How will the key Web 3.0 technologies like blockchain, NFTs, and DAO's impact our lives?
    • Given the impact of Web 3.0 technologies, what are the possibilities for fitness in the years ahead ?

  • You're Physically Fit, But Are You Cyber Fit?

    Susie Jones is CEO of Cynch Security, an Australian-owned and managed Cyber Security firm that offers software-as-a-service cyber solutions designed specifically for micro and small business owners. Prior to co-founding Cynch, Susie obtained her double Commerce/Arts degree from the University of ...

  • The New Way To Use Social Media To Fill Your Gym… Again

    There is no doubt that marketing has changed in 2022. Gone are the days of Facebook giving you consistent and reliable leads. Do you find yourself staying up late at night more often worrying where your next leads are coming from? These days it feels like there is a million different platforms a...

  • Become Unshakeable

    Learn to Share Your Stories, Expertise & Authentic Truth on Social Media & Finally Be Seen As a Leader!
    It’s Time to Get Your Message On Point & Start Confidently Sharing Your Expertise, Viewpoints & Self on Social Media!

  • There is Money in Your Member Experience

    Far too many companies in the fitness industry focus only on "production" (getting new members). Blair will focus on the ROI of putting the member experience at the center of everything you do. You will learn MXM's framework for 3 key areas of ROI - Money On the Ground, Money On The Table, and...

  • Yes, You Need a Loyalty Program

  • 17 Minimising Technology Risk

  • Mental Health and Tech Solutions

    During this session, Eddy will discuss how mind health and tech solutions can add to your bottom line. The past two years of constant change have resulted in higher stress levels amongst all our clients and these changes are likely to continue for the next 12 months. Eddy will discuss opportuniti...

  • Marketing Technology for Personal Trainers on a Budget

  • The Power of Google

    Show the impact on Customer Lifetime Value and identify the Digital Platforms that power your business. So many owners put hours and resources into the social media platforms and forget the fundamental reality of reviews, Google Listings, and Google Ads. Join Sherpa Collaborative to identify the...

  • How Fitness Professionals Can Leverage LinkedIn

    John Bellamy is the guy organisations (small and large) come to when they want to know how to amplify their personal and corporate brand and begin turning more conversations into cash. Having been a direct response marketer since 1999, John’s helped thousands of customers in many industries spann...

  • Geo Targeting & Geo Fencing

    Matt Ware’s been around digital a long time; back before the Y2K bug was even a thing. Prior to becoming Head of Operations at First, Matt helped realise the value of digital at Sensis, News Ltd, Reed Business Information and Dynamic Creative. For over 20 years Matt has worked in the fields of SE...

  • Boosting Your Secondary Income With A New Profit Stream

    Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS) represents a significant part of the global fitness industry and is about to take off here in Australia. Whether it be the boutique studio or the shop-in-shop model, learn how this technology can deliver amazing results for your clients and one of the fastest ROI...

  • Using Technology to Make More Sales

    Are you ready to:
    • increase your lead contact rate
    • book have more appointments
    • use the new phone switch
    • set up how to present & close online via Zoom?

    If so, then this is the session for you. Selling fitness has changed. It is now essential to update your connection, conversion st...

  • Keeping the Kaha (Strength) - Brought to You By Club Tracker

    How do you make sure your fitness business is on track when the world around you seems nothing short of crazy. Members can come back to the gym but don't want to; normal joiners don't join. More memberships are on hold than ever before. Navigating staff and members going in and out of isolation. ...

  • Build a Ready-to-Buy Community Around Your Product Using Social Media

    Learn to create a vibrant online community that engages staff, clients, and future clients around your product offer while feeding a solid stream of leads to your sales staff. Here is the exact formula to growth via social media content that creates sales opportunities 24/7.

  • Driving Profits Through Your Digital Dashboard

    Critical data that can be easily gathered in today’s data-rich world can be instrumental in helping leaders and managers grow their companies, guide their decision-making and operations. Explore some key “Net Promoter” numbers that can help track not only Member Satisfaction, but also Team Member...

  • Meta’s Vision for the Future of Fitness

    - Fitness trends across Meta’s apps and services
    - Tips and tricks to get ahead using Meta’s platforms
    - Meta’s vision for the future of fitness

  • From Ideas to Profit – The Way to Do It.

    In this session learn about Silicon Valley's very own innovation framework, ‘Design Thinking’. Learn how to leverage the growth model to help you innovate your own club offering whilst engaging your entire team in the process, inducing staff buy in, and delivering what your customer actually want...

  • 5 Secrets to Motivate Your Clients to Get Moving Again in 2022

    Are you tired of your clients saying they will commit or get moving again and not doing it? Or setting their New Year's resolutions and goals to start working out consistently and continue to put it off? How do you change a client's mindset from being dormant to wanting to move and exercise again...

  • How you Can Use Member Data to Bridge the Fitness Experience

    Members are creating incredible amounts of data related to their health and fitness. How can you harness that data to help more members, improve your services and ultimately have a greater impact on your members' health?

    Join this session with Owen Bowling to explore practical ways to leverage d...

  • Digital Marketing 2022: How to Increase Leads, Sales, and Profits

    During COVID, fitness clubs in Ireland closed for 10 months. Alan leach will share his digital marketing secrets that have allowed West Wood Club's to get back to 9% over pre-covid membership numbers - with one clubs now 21% over pre-covid membership numbers.

  • High Tech, High Touch

    As Australia’s leading consumer futurist, Amanda gives organisations a peek into the future of consumers. More importantly, she provides powerful strategies for future-proofing any business by creating EPIC customer experiences and building brand advocacy.

  • The Next Generation Of Members

    The world has already shifted to a more transient transactional environment. Subscription services are as easy to join as they are to cancel. The next generation will expect delivery of a member experience that grabs and retains attention inside and out the club in order create a loyal brand rela...

  • Data Breaches in the Health & Fitness Industry

    Stefanie is a Special Counsel specialising in cyber incident response, data protection, IT liability, D&O and professional insurance lines. She regularly works on domestic and international cyber claims involving data breaches, regulatory investigations, mandatory notification laws, recovery ...

  • CLUB 4.0 - A Training Solution to Help You Capture Each and Every Member

    Over the last two years, many operators have recognised the need to develop a digital strategy to combat the cancelation of memberships due to the pandemic. Now it’s time to bring members back!

    Technogym’s Club 4.0 concept thrives with this challenge. The philosophy is underpinned by three key c...

  • How Technology Unlocks Exercise Being Medicine For You

    Dr. Cam McDonald | Chief Executive Officer, ph360 Australia

    Health technology is here and can enhance opportunities in the fitness industry. From understanding precisely the movement that is going to elicit the best response to treat disease and support best mental performance, the integration o...

  • The Fitness Industry: Recovery by the Data

    James Ellender | Chief Executive Officer, ActiveXchange

    What 18 months we have had in business! Behind the scenes, there has been data tracking member and consumer movements and in this session, you will hear industry statistics for you to see if you are above or below standards. We all know the...

  • Panel: Tech Tips to Turn Your Fitness Business Virtual

  • How Do We Digitalize On-Site and Monetize Off-Site?

    Darren Elkin | Senior Key Account Manager, ‎Technogym
    Brett Turner | Digital Solutions Sales Manager, Technogym

    This session will share how you can use digital in your facility for closing the gap between onsite experience and online experience. You can use digital to generate additional revenu...

  • Building Your Digital Marketing Strategy

    Rachael Dao | General Manager, LT Network

    What differentiates your business today is no longer the ability to advertise, but instead the ability to strategically place yourself in front of the right audience, with the right message, at the right time, whilst standing out from competitors with si...

  • Building Your Ecosystem of Engagement: The Business of Customer Experience

    Troy Morgan | Chief Executive Officer, Willows Health Group

    In a world where consumers interact with digital services at every turn, digital disruption allows us to bring personalized experiences to our customers. How can fitness businesses evolve to become an essential part of our customers eve...

  • Getting the Most from Google and Google My Business

    Margaret Ornsby | Google My Business Product Expert, More Customers More Sales

    In her session she will cover:

    - Why Google My business can be more important than the home page of your website
    - Getting better results on Google’s other search engine
    - Common gotchas that may cause your listing t...

  • 9 Technology Lessons You Have to Follow in 2022

    Justin ‘JT’ Tamsett | Managing Director, Active Management & Founder, Fitness & Recreation Industry Technology Summit

    When you straddle across Australia and the US, you get ringside seats as the industry evolves and boy has there been an evolution in the past 24 months. I have spent squi...

  • What Have the Last 12 Months Taught Us?

  • What Has the Last 12 Months Taught Us About Our Consumers?

  • WTF | Connecting the Dots w/ Barrie Elvish & John Holsinger, IHRSA

  • Fitness Technology: Making it Work for Staff, Members, and Clients

    When Dr. Ted Vickey isn’t running his company—FitWell, Inc.—or teaching master level classes in Kinesiology at Point Loma University where he is a professor, you will find him on the golf course, tinkering with fitness and health gadgets, or enjoying a long walk on a Southern California beach.


  • The Point of Loyalty in Member Retention

    Adam Posner is a customer loyalty, rewards, and retention program specialist. He has been a data-driven marketer for over 27 years. The Point of Loyalty is dedicated to building thriving loyalty and rewards program assets based on balancing three tensions – meaningful and desirable to members; pr...

  • Insight Driven Marketing For Your Fitness Business

    Insight-Driven Marketing & What it could mean for your fitness business
    In this Q&A session Fitness Industry Tech Summit Founder, Justin ‘JT’ Tamsett will sit down with acclaimed author Jonathan Weiner for a not-to-be-missed deep dive into all things marketing strategy where the customer ...

  • Increase Member Retention Using the Amazon Effect

    Customer experience is the only true competitive advantage for businesses today. After all, it’s all about the customer! It’s the reason companies are in business. Customer experience leaders – those brands that excel at both employee experience and customer experience – are growing five times fa...

  • Shaping the Future of Sports with Physical Gaming

    For almost two decades Markos Aristides Kearn has been in the creative field, using a holistic approach and deep expertise to realize extraordinary ideas and unique solutions.

    This is what makes him one of the best experts in innovation and creativity, and these skills mixed with technology led ...